Our Mission

With our goal of helping students and young adults improve their social skills and confidence, welcome to the most easy-to-follow, real-world based, and feedback-driven Conversation Skills Video Course on the planet.

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Course Benefits

Here’s How Your Learner Will Benefit From Our Conversation Skills Course

  • Build Social Confidence

    Does your learner sometimes feel uncomfortable during social situations when they're unsure of what to say?

    Does engaging in small talk make them feel uneasy?

    While sometimes awkwardness is unavoidable, learn how to look for specific cues in conversations so your learner can predict these moments before they arise.

  • Take The Mystery Out of Socializing

    Is it sometimes hard to tell when someone is joking or being serious?

    Unsure how to approach a group of people and join in on their conversation?

    There's often more than one right way of dealing with social situations. We'll help your learner identify and prioritize their options.

  • Improve Relationships

    Does your learner struggle to understand how to deepen their relationships through conversation?

    Learn how to deal with a variety of real-life conversation situations and some proactive ways to avoid common traps

About Your Instructor

John Williamson

John Williamson, SLP, and founder of Social Skills Laboratory, PLLC, has worked extensively and is passionate about helping students with social skills challenges as well as other speech and language-related difficulties. If you are interested in more extensive 1:1 social skills coaching, feel free to reach out to me or check out my business website at www.SocialSkillsLab.com.

Created Just For You

Make learning & teaching social skills accessible across a wide array of ages, applications and ability levels.

The Conversation Skills Video Course is part of our greater Real-Life Social Skills Academy.

It was created in an effort to make learning social skills accessible across a wide array of ages and ability levels.

User-friendly for many audiences:

Self-Taught Middle & High School Students | Young Adults | Parents | Teachers | Therapists | SLPs | Life Skills Coaches | Job Coaches | Social Skills Coaches

Course Curriculum

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    • Video Lesson 2

    • Quiz 2

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    • Video Lesson 3

    • Quiz 3

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    • Video Lesson 4

    • Quiz 4

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    • Video Lesson 5

    • Quiz 5

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    • Video Lesson 6

    • Quiz 6

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    • Video Lesson 7

    • Quiz 7

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    • Video Lesson 9

    • Quiz 9

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    • Video Lesson 10

    • Quiz 10

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    • Video Lesson 11

    • Quiz 11

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    • Video Lesson 12

    • Quiz 12


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is intended for late elementary, middle & high school students in addition to young adults who are neurodivergent and need help improving their conversation skills.

    We built the course to be accessible to not only students, but also families, educators, therapists & coaches as well.

  • Is this course specifically for students with autism or who are neurodivergent?

    This course will be beneficial for many students with autism or who are neurodivergent, but will also be helpful for other students who struggle with social skills, regardless of label or medical diagnoses.

  • How long is the course?

    Each of the 12 video lessons are between 3 & 7 minutes long. The conversation skills taught in each lesson are intended to be practiced in real-world settings before moving on to subsequent lessons. However, our platform allows for a self-paced learning experience.

  • How will course progress be tracked?

    Our platform automatically saves lesson progress, so you may leave and come back as you wish and see where you left off.

    Each of our 12 lessons comes with a quiz to assess your learner's conceptual knowledge of the material. However, the real progress is made when skills are practiced and applied in real-life situations.

  • Do you offer other courses as part of the Real-Life Social Skills Academy?

    Not yet. We plan to release future courses periodically on topics such as Perspective-Taking, Conflict Resolution, Friendships, Anxiety Management, Assertiveness, Flexibility, Executive Functioning and much more.

  • What is your contact information?

    If you are interested in bulk pricing options or have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

  • Do you offer bulk discounts for schools or organizations?

    Yes. We have a tiered discount system for bulk licenses:

    15 - 29 licenses = 20% off

    30-44 licenses = 30% off

    45 - 99 licenses = 40% off

    100+ licenses = 60% off

  • How are bulk licenses assigned?

    Depending on your organization, each license may be assigned in one of two ways.

    By staff member: This option would include one login for each educator within a greater school or organization. This may be most appropriate for those who intend to use the course with their entire class at the same time. In this scenario, the purchaser/group leader would likely be a school administrator or department head.

    By student: This option would include one login for each student within a classroom. This may be most appropriate for those who intend to use the course with their students in a more self-paced manner. In this scenario, the purchaser/group leader would likely be a teacher or someone who works directly with learners.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We want you to love the Conversation Skills Video Course as much as we do. But if you decide that it isn’t right for you, for any reason, simply tell us within 7 days of purchasing and we’ll be happy to refund 100% of your money.

    100% satisfaction. 0% risk. Guaranteed.